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Customer Relationship Management

CRM Basics

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is about finding, acquiring, and retaining the best, most profitable customers.

CRM systems offer the automated means of managing your customer, both on the Web and through traditional channels. In the corporate setting, CRM is now a mature, mainstream discipline comprising

  • Customer Service and Support (CSS)

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) and

  • Marketing Automation (MA)

Each of these offers its own subset of specializations, value propositions, and challenges.

CRM as a strategy places the customer at the center of a business.

When properly implemented, the goal is to give progressively deep information about customers - information that supports the business areas of marketing, product planning, sales, finance, and service. The goal of this customer-centricity is to promote customer loyalty, increasing the lifetime value of each relationship.

How to get started, with or without the use of automation?

  1. Start collecting customer information
    Collect customer's business card, contact info, sign up sheets, etc.
  2. Establish two-way channels of communication
    Send email announcements, company newsletters, and provide ways for customers to give you feedback and comments
  3. Identify and reward your best customers
    Recognize past customers by name, arrange "frequent buyer" advantages

It can be as simple as that.  Or as complex as your requirements indicate.  For an assessment of your individual situation and help with setting up your own Customer Relationship Management system, call Laura Brown today at 770-953-0534. 

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