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Enterprise Applications

This page covers technology solutions for enabling enterprise-wide integration, resource planning and customer & supply chain management. Some common terms or categories of enterprise application are listed and defined below:

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    EAI systems combine hardware, software and business process  so that the interfaces between components become seamless, information can be easily shared and systems working together across the enterprise can achieve synergies.  Major players include CrossWorlds , Mercator , WRQ , BEA Systems  and Tibco Software .  

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    SAP , PeopleSoft , Baan  and Corio offer software and solutions for ERP.  These vendors provide integrated application suites for managing back office systems, human and other resources across the entire corporation.  Other vendors include  J.D. Edwards, who will team with MCI WorldCom to offer ERP and other application services. 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Customer interaction differentiates the web from other marketing media. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies focus on analyzing, tracking and facilitating a company’s relationship with communities of retail consumers. Siebel Systems , Clarify  and Vantive are key suppliers of CRM systems.  

  • e-Commerce
    Ariba , Vignette and  Sterling offer e-commerce solutions that power global e-business communities with E-Marketplace Solutions, E-Business Integration Solutions and E-Business Consulting.  “E-marketplaces are about helping customers achieve liquidity, new efficiencies and economies-of-scale,” said Jon Corshen, vice president market development, Ariba.

  • Data Warehousing
    Brio , Oracle , IBM , Sybase and Informix provide database solutions for data warehousing, customer marketing and business intelligence inititatives.  Warehousing includes analytical processing, enterprise reporting, portals and applications that help everyone in your enterprise make better, faster decisions.  

  • Application Service Providers (ASP)
    ASP is the delivery of software applications as a service, complete with selected e-business hosting options.  i2 and WonderWare offer ASP solutions for supply chain and ecommerce applications.  Tivoli , BMC , PeopleSoft  and J.D. Edwards are also fielding ASP solutions.

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