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Components of Data

It is better to deliver 70% of the required information in a given business area than to deliver 5% in 10 different areas, because the data becomes meaningful (i.e. becomes intelligence) when it can be placed in context.  Of course, a 100% would be ideal, but the timeframes required to deliver 100% accuracy and completeness of data are never acceptable to the business.  And with the shrinking shelf-life of the value of data over time, 70% now can be much more valuable than 90% two months from now. 

All information is not equally valuable, but requires the prioritization process to find out what's most critical and focus acquisition efforts there first. As the business picture shifts and changes with competition and trends, the priority of data delivery will change to reflect that activity. 

When data can be isolated into manageable components, and delivered rapidly, more business needs get met, and the sponsors are much more likely to sign on for another parcel of information to be delivered in a reasonable time frame, just like the first.

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