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System Innovations consults to all levels of companies, for example Ernst & Young, GTE, Bank of America, GE Power Systems and Delta Airlines, in the areas of enterprise integration, data modeling and other large scale technical projects. I specialize in the next generation business applications that run on the Internet; specifically, platforms that will allow for better, faster business exchange. I also work with professional recruiters on specific consulting opportunities from time to time.

Small Business

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Small Business
For small business clients I specialize in:

Technical Mentoring - The technical mentoring program is six months of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, etc. We can meet in person, as well, if convenient for both of us. I help people strategically (how to benefit from Internet technology, how to obtain higher utilization from existing technology investments, how to approach enterprise-scale projects in fortune 500 organizations, etc.), and tactically (what to say at the meeting tomorrow, critiquing proposals, reviewing designs and models, etc.).

Databases - Customer, marketing, survey and other types of databases. Using MS Access for small to medium projects, I provide data analysis, design and development of database and reports, forms and user-friendly interfaces to business information. Projects may also involve design of larger databases on production-strength RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) such as SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, DB2, etc. Such systems are often needed for performance considerations when small databases grow into large projects.

Internet - Strategy, design and development. Web presence, web-site, marketing plan and development of business case.  Presentation development for customer value assessment and project proposals. Systems integration for small or large projects, defining customer scenarios and viewpoint analysis models. If you've got a great idea for a website that just needs the technical expertise to make it happen, call to discuss the possibilities at telephone: 770-953-0534.

Types of Small Business Skills Summary
Legal Services
Marketing Consultants
Political Services
Arts & Crafts Marketing
Health Care Providers
Data & Process Modeling
Internet Strategy & Design
Technical Integration
Marketing & Survey Databases
Proposal Development

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Corporate Clients

I work with corporate clients to develop business models that represent company intelligence and support Business Requirements Definition, Process Improvement and Systems Integration.  I specialize in Data Warehousing, Data Strategy and Integration of all aspects of a business.

Industries Skills Summary

Auto Insurance
Human Resources
Marketing & Sales
Wireless Services
Data & Process Modeling
Requirements Analysis
Methods & Architectures
DSS & EIS/Marketing Databases
CASE tools: ERwin, ADW, Bachman, RationalRose, LBMS Process Engineer & Systems Engineer
Internet/Intranet Strategy & Design


  • Business Process Improvement: Analysis, Redesign, Make and/or Buy, Outsource, etc.

  • Integration Approaches & Viewpoint Analysis: Process Templates, Job Design, Integration Modeling

  • Data Warehouse & Data Strategy for Corporate Information Architecture.  Data Modeling, Design & Development, Tool selection, Access methods

  • Internet/Intranet Strategy, Object-Oriented Design & Development

  • Industry Analysis and Benchmarking: Positioning, Economic and Demographic Analysis, Trend Analysis, Business Intelligence

  • Building Strategic & Business Models: In Support of the Business Case, Enterprise Architecture, Development of Strategic Objectives, Systems Implementation Plans

  • Mental Modeling: Integration Views and Future Scenarios; Surfacing and Reconfirming Assumptions

  • Multidimensional Design: Star Schema Analysis of Decision Sets and Application Design for Executive Information Systems

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System Innovations occasionally engages in mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that specialize in software product development and technical consulting services.  Such partnerships are designed to deliver the following  benefits:

  1. Provide credibility of an independent consultant and independent
    viewpoint on industry topics

  2. Increase visibility and credibility for vendor by partnering with a
    published author and recognized expert

  3. Provide expertise not currently possessed in-house by the vendor, such
    as the following:

  • Leading discovery and assessment phase 0 of project, to acquire and structure a specific business opportunity

  • Requirements definition (including business process integration &
    web services/B2B

  • UML modeling (while transferring methods and skills to your team)

  • Using modeling tools such as ERwin, BPwin, Rational Rose and the Rational Enterprise Suite, among many others, and mentoring your team to learn how to successfully apply such tools

  • Meeting with reviewing Architect at the vendor's client site

  • Negotiating deliverables with the vendor's client, et cetera

Terms range from monthly retainer to project basis or full partnering with revenues allocated according to division of labor among the following three categories:

  1. Business acquisition

  2. Strategy and methodology

  3. Delivery

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I have cooperative relationships with several professional recruiters in Atlanta and beyond, to share information and opportunities for mutual benefit.   Generally, I prefer to work on a "corp-to-corp" basis, I am incorporated and I do qualify as an independent consultant under IRS guidelines. I am equipped to work from home or on-site (as required) with professional office, fax, business voicemail, technical tools - laptop, modeling tools, RDBMS & programming tools, etc. I am willing to discuss travel for the right opportunity (up to 25%).

I am happy to receive inquiries from recruiting professionals. If you have a specific opportunity you would like to discuss with me, please send an email request for a resume to with information about yourself, your company and the profile of the opportunity. Or you may reach me by telephone at 770-953-0534 if you prefer.

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Contact Information

Telephone:  770-953-0534
Facsimile:   770-952-7863
Location:  Atlanta, GA
General Information:
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