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Data Warehousing

What is Data Warehousing? You may have heard the term and wondered what's involved, or you may even be considering a Warehouse implementation for your organization.  Practice and origins of Data Warehousing.

Building the Data Warehouse: A Pragmatic Approach
Successful data warehousing requires an approach that reflects both understanding the business needs and supporting their delivery with Application and Technology Platforms.  This approach must be flexible enough to provide for the inevitable, inherent changes the data warehousing environment will require as it matures within a company. 

DW Methodology Template

DW Methodology Template

To make a corporate data warehouse successful:

One of the newly "classic" books in the field is Ralph Kimball's The Data Warehouse Toolkit.  For a basic introduction and starting point on warehousing, it's not bad.  For a high-level introduction, providing an architecture framework, see  Data Stores, Data Warehousing, and the Zachman Framework : Managing Enterprise Knowledge.To understand the difference between a data warehouse and an operational data store, see Bill Inmon's Building the Operational Data Store. I've used this construct when collecting service delivery statistics, cellular telephone call statistics and corporate account analysis. 

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