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"Your paper titled Introducing Integration Modeling: Templates for Business Transformation, has been selected as the best paper presented in the session Business Process Modeling, Reengineering, Dynamic Modeling and Workflow.

The quality of the paper you submitted in the session gave to the conference prestige and great success. Quality papers like yours are highly appreciated, necessary condition for the success of our conferences."

- Professor Nagib Callaos
SCI 2000/ISAS 2000 General Chair

Biographical Information

Laura Brown helps business and technical managers deliver systems solutions, as senior technical advisor and management consultant to fortune 500 companies.  Ms. Brown is President of System Innovations, specializing in e-business integration, business modeling and other large scale technical projects.

With over 17 years in Information Technology, Ms. Brown is President of System Innovations, where she works with clients to plan the enterprise infrastructures (people, processes and technology) needed to deliver e-business initiatives.  Her independent perspective is highly valued by clients seeking an objective point of view from an industry expert unaffiliated with any specific tool or product vendor.

Her client company list includes:

  • Ernst & Young, where Laura worked with business representatives to identify and define web services offerings, including online portals for employees and customers, and defining the .NET and P2P architectures required for business collaboration.

  • General Electric, where Laura defined e-business integration for customer value and digital optimization systems in the GE Power Systems Contractual Services division.

  • Grizzard Advertising Agency, where she designed a marketing productivity data warehouse for their client, The American Red Cross, reengineering the data transformation process to utilize SOAP/XML, and defining a database replication scheme to provide synchronization.

  • Synergistic Solutions, Inc., where Laura designed the architecture for Web-based J2EE systems providing enterprise application integration to SSIís clients: USWest and BellSouth.

  • Delta Airlines, where she supported development of Delta’s Strategy for Data Services & Administration. She also designed Delta’s Model Management integration strategy.

  • Nationwide Insurance, where she designed and directed development of a Marketing prototype for the direct sales division, introducing integration models for linking Marketing data to Claims, Policy and other information already residing in the Data Warehouse.

  • GTE Wireless Services, whose YEAR 2000 effort utilized Integration Models for designing the YEAR 2000 Inventory Repository.

  • Concert, PLC, where she developed Requirements Models for integrating new test equipment into their Integrated Test Management System. Laura provided implementation models for initiation of a "Request For Proposal" Process with systems vendors.

  • Ceridian Employment Services, whose Application Development process Laura reengineered, working with management and executive teams to determine desired project outcomes.

  • Norrell Services, where she delivered Enterprise-Level Business Models, working with business executives and process owners to define how Norrell’s future processes will be integrated and automated. Laura supported the technical team installing PeopleSoft backbone systems by using Integration Models to orient the team, configure the system and provide the basis for system requirements.

  • Accustaff, Incorporated, where she developed Integration Models of Sales Branch Operations by interviewing Branch personnel at multiple sites. The models integrated the differing practices of acquired companies to support the introduction of new technology and of architectural framework for Accustaff’s highly successful strategy of growth by acquisition and merger.

Laura has also represented systems integration consulting firms such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Computer Professionals, Inc. (CPi) and Naviant to their clients. She presented Integration Modeling techniques at the first and second OMG-sponsored e-business integration  conferences  in 2000 and 2001 and at the SCI2000 World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, serving as chairperson for the session on Business Process Modeling, Reengineering, Dynamic Modeling and Workflow.  

Laura speaks regularly at conferences and educational forums.  Her business and technology articles are featured online at, and  Recent articles appearing in online publications (, MSDN,, TechNet)  include:


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